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The Legacy of Daddy

What happens when a Graduate student in a dystopian society competes for a PhD by experimenting with dangerous alien technology? Does humankind need technological help to leave Earth? These and other questions are awkwardly dealt with in The Legacy of Daddy.



Legacy of Daddy a Next You novel

First in a series of Next You novels


Next You Interstellar LLC

If you had the option to come back after death, what would you want to be? Still want to be human or would you like to try something different? How much is it worth to you? Live in the extra-solar human civilization and experience your next incarnation in Next You Interstellar, LLC.


Next You Intersteller a Next You novel

Second in the Next You novels series


Having Nice Things

The Earth is hurting from radioactive wastelands, over-crowding and a xenophobic fear of the inter-system alliance. While adapting Next You Interstellar LLC donated technological innovation, to reclaim areas of Earth made uninhabitable by wars of the past, religious and ethical movements threaten to unleash more war. How many people are too many? What can aliens and alien technology do to nudge the balance between war and progress? Read Having Nice Things, a Next You novel and find out.


Having Nice Things a Next You novel

Third in the Next You novels series


Utopian Estates

The Martian dream is to have your own home, work a nice steady job and raise 1.2 well-behaved offspring. Fiona and Ashley feel well on their way to accomplishing this when they make a down payment on their new home. The dream state descends from there. Just add water and alien shenanigans will commence leading to an adventure of Extra-Solar dimensions. Don’t forget to pay the Homeowner’s Association fee and learn about the options in Utopian Estates, a Next You novel.


Utopian Estates a Next You novel

Fourth in the Next You novels series


Destined for…Something

In the last year of mandatory school each soon-to-be graduate takes a multitude of tests to efficiently funnel them into the right career. Personality profiles showing you to be low IQ, bigoted and prone to senseless violence really increase your chances of being denied. Scores mean enough to tempt test-takers to cheat using answer sets bought from sketchy characters. You don’t always get what you pay for as Felix Dernoft discovers in Destined for…Something, a Next You novel.


Destined for Something a Next You novel

Fifth in the Next You novels series


Four Book Mini Arc

Minus a Conscience     

  • Book 1: Native Heart

  • Book 2: The Relevance of Belief


  • Book 3: What Am I?

  • Book 4: Fractionation Nation


  • Omnibus Edition


“A personality per day keeps the assassins at bay.” One of many quotations embossed along the walls of the secretive ‘Next You‘ ID Operators academy on Cassius. Every government needs operators and they promise awesome compensation. They can because they normally don’t have to pay. Track Diego Martin as he goes to work for the IANYID and holds them accountable for their rewards program, in Minus a Conscience, a Next You novel.

Truly Organic

Humans have advanced to become an interstellar civilization mainly through technological leaps from questionable sources. Not everyone followed the path. A splinter group of humans used the technology just enough to found the colony world of Arcturus. Arcturus went silent, forgotten for a hundred years, developing along a different path until re-emergence.

Non-recycled food stuffs are considered a luxury and bring very high prices. Agricultural ships drift through the solar systems growing livestock and vegetarian delights. When such a ship tries to market at Arcturus and its livestock become sentient, Next You Interstellar and the mainstream path of humanity are challenged by homo sapiens variant two; super beings.

Which path would you take if given a choice to be truly organic?


TOCover_SW_KDP (1) copy

The Little Rakan Within

Three hundred years have passed since the founding of the Interstellar Alliance. All that time working to understand the threat presented by the Rakan Empire with very little progress. Sure, insurgencies and revolutions occur along the border space but nothing resulting in direct Rakan action. Rolland Norquist, Commander of the IA scoutship ‘Long Carabine’, has ventured forty light years into Rakan territory and discovered that the IA has no clear idea of the Empire’s size. Now he and his crew must survive to relay the information because they cannot transmit what they know in time. Do your part to defend the ship on its heroic and epic escape.

Not Guilty by Reason of…Possession

Health, longevity and attractiveness are all customizable now, due to the advent of nanite medical procedures. You can be cancer-free, look twenty when you are a hundred, keep the party going all night long in the bedroom with no need to sleep, and forget unpleasant things with some clever programming. Killian Andropov is a private detective on the colony world Rios. Try to keep up as she earns her fee solving a string of murders where the perpetrator couldn’t possibly be guilty. Right?

Entarkin Jihad

Little has been revealed about the Entarkin system of religious beliefs in the two centuries of commingling society with humans. Humans that get too friendly with Entarkins usually change or disappear. Priscilla Stevens, the adopted daughter of Angelique and Pavel, has immigrated to Robinson’s World. A colony of the IA, not just humans, Robinson’s World is rich in Entarkin historical significance and Priscilla has volunteered to help catalogue all archeological finds for the Entarkin government. Can the spirits of past aliens change the essence of who we are, and how upset are they about outsiders? We’re going to find out.

Nathaniel’s World

Nathaniel Kwan grew up in a crime family in the Domed City of Asiatica. With all of the sketchy business you would have thought he’d make his money with something illegal, but no. He decided to write some novels that got made into a movie and video series, and with his first four billion he bought the beleaguered L4 Dyson world which was almost bankrupt and about to become scrap. He saw something more in it. An entire man-made world dedicated to recreation and gaming. That’s what his tourist propaganda pushes and that’s the image he wants for his world. Nathaniel’s World.

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